My Pocket Nativity
6 Piece Set
Item 106-1..... $5.95
Nativity Puppet Set
Item 106-2..... $11.50
Holy Family
Item 106-5..... $37.95
Fontanini Nativity Set
Item 106-7A   Holy Family and Stable... $120.50
Item 106-7B   7" Gloria Angel... $39.50
Item 106-7C   7" 3 Wise Men...$115.00
Item 106-7D  Sheep... $22.50
Item 106-7E  Shepherd Angel... $22.00

Also available in other sizes.
Children's Nativity Set
Item 106-8..... $53.95
Guest Towels
Item 106-9A   Wreath with Fleur-de-lis... $10.95
Item 106-9B   Wreath with Pinecones... $10.95
Item 106-9C   Merry Christmas, Y'all.. $8.95
Item 106-9D   Redbirds... $10.95
Item 106-9E   Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum... $8.95
Guest Towels
Item 106-9F   Noel... $10.95
Item 106-9G   Santa Claus... $10.95
Item 106-9H   Holly.. $8.95
Item 106-9I   Alligator Santa... $9.95
Item 106-9J   Joyeax Noel... $8.95
Guest Towels
Item 106-9K   Ornaments - Red... $6.95
Item 106-9L   Ornaments - White... $9.95
Item 106-9M   Presents.. $9.95
Item 106-9N   Candy Canes... $8.95
Item 106-9O   Happy New Year... $7.95

Christmas Showpieces
Item 109-16A   Fontanini 2010 Limited Edition "Shamir" Figurine... $
Item 109 -16B Holy Family Musical
Glitterdome... $

Children's Christmas Gifts
Item 109-18A   Melissa and Doug Noah's Ark
100 Piece Puzzle.... $14.95
Item 109-18B   Melissa and Doug Noah's Ark
200 Piece Puzzle
.... $9.95
Item 109-18C   Melissa and Doug Underwater
Floor Puzzle. 48 Pieces.... $14.95
Children's Christmas Gifts
Item 109-19A   Melissa and Doug Fishbowl
6 months and up.... $22.95
Item 109-19B Melissa and Doug Bug Jug
6 months and up.... $22.95
Gift Certificates Are Always Available!
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